Divan Beds With Size Offerings For Advantages


Buying divan beds for the home would be an advantage if done correctly. Choose the right dimensions for your home and bedroom. With divan beds offering storage your also making space in the bedroom and home. We’ve come up with some ideas on divan bed sizes that could make your bedroom better. 

1 Single Divan Beds

This type of buy would work exceptionally well in guest bedrooms or kids rooms. Choose with a fabrics like leather, velvet or linen all having budget friendly advantages. A 3ft bed would be the perfect suiter to a memory foam mattress our collection is packed with combinations. 

2 Double Divan Beds

Double divan beds are a must for a master bedroom perfect for adding some colour to the room. Chose a grey bed for a modern bedroom or a natural beige bed frame might be an option. This type of divan bed is perfect for working with a headboard go with buttons and straight lines for a contemporary space. 

3 King Size Divan Beds 

Buying a king size divan bed would mean your offered plenty of space for a healthy posture and stretching space for 2 sleepers. Think about some bedroom furniture as a tandem rooms always better. Some nice white bedside tables and wardrobes might compliment the 5ft divan bed well. 

4 Super king size Divan Bed 

Buy for a super sleeping surface with a super king size divan bed your spoilt when it comes to area. Choose with some drawers adding your spare bedding like pillows, duvets and protectors would bring easy access advantages to the buy and make more space in the home. Create a stylish bedroom with a statement headend offer a diamond effects or think traditional with oak or pine materials. 

You would want to buy the same sized mattress as the divan bed. For best practice choose a pocket spring or memory foam mattress these are going to support your body and promote good posture. 

A divan bed would work well in a child’s or adults bedroom offering benefits in  different scenarios. Think about the depths and height of the base making sure you can access the sleeping surface is a must. Choose between glides or castors these will make a difference in the hight of the divan bed. 

There’s alternatives to divan beds for instance an ottoman bed might work better for storage, Buy a wooden bed frame on legs this may bring a more speciose effect to the bedroom. Offer a trundle bed to a guest bedroom this will bring extra sleeping surfaces in the same area. A bunk bed might work better in a girls and boys bedroom this will save space in the home.

Our divan beds collection has everything you would want for the house. We only deal with trusted brands like Airsprung beds and bedmaster offering customer peace of mind with the buy. Call us on 08000467616 or email at were here 24 / 7 for you ready to answer any questions you have on any of our products or services.