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Better Bed Company Influencer Collection

Comfy Adult Roll-up Memory Foam Mattress

The Comfy Adult Roll-up Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect addition to any bedroom.

With a layer of memory foam on the top surface and a base of reflex foam, this mattress offers a comfortable sleeping surface that is suitable for adults of all ages.

Not only is it great for people who suffer from back aches and pains, but it also provides an ideal sleeping surface for anyone looking for a good night’s sleep.

The memory foam on this mattress is designed to relieve pressure points on the muscles and bones, ensuring that you remain in a healthy posture throughout the night.

This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a mattress that will provide maximum comfort and support.

Additionally, the cover of this mattress is removable and can be washed when needed, making it easy to keep clean and fresh.

Whether you need a new mattress for your master bedroom, spare room, or guest bedroom, the Comfy Adult roll-up Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect choice.

Comfy Kids Memory Foam Roll-up Mattress

The Comfy Kids Memory Foam roll-up Mattress is the ideal sleeping solution for children of all ages. With its layer of memory foam and foam base working in perfect harmony, this mattress offers a healthy and comfortable sleeping surface.

Compatible with bunks, high and low sleepers, and bed frames, it’s versatile and practical in any bedroom setting.

Not only does this mattress provide a comfortable sleeping experience, but it’s also designed to alleviate pressure on bones and muscles, which in turn promotes a healthy posture throughout the night.

The memory foam moulds to your child’s body shape, providing excellent support, while the reflex foam is perfect for added comfort. Your child will experience maximum comfort night after night.

Entity Ottoman Bed

Looking for a bed that’s both practical and stylish? Look no further than the Entity Ottoman Bed!

This bed is perfect for modern spaces, with its sophisticated upholstery twill fabric finish and tufted headboard that’s both inviting and sumptuous.

But this bed isn’t just a pretty face – it’s also incredibly practical. With a spacious under-bed compartment, you can store all kinds of accessories and keep your bedroom clutter-free. And with a gas piston mechanism, opening the top section is a breeze.

Not only is this bed practical, but it’s also durable. The slatted bed base provides a sturdy foundation for any style of mattress, while the metal frame keeps the sleeping surface strong and reliable for years to come.

Plus, with a central rail and legs for added support, you can rest easy knowing you’re sleeping on a solid, dependable bed.

Troy Trundle Bed

Introducing the stunning Troy Trundle Bed, the ultimate addition to any stylish modern bedroom.

With a variety of sleek colours available, including white, grey, and dark grey, you can find the perfect match to complement your existing furniture and decor.

Boasting ample storage space within its drawers, the Troy Trundle Bed is the ideal solution for staying organised and chic.

Showcasing a charming slatted-styled headboard, this bed radiates plenty of character and sophistication meshed with effortless simplicity.

Its plinths are a surefire way to express quality and finesse, adding further elegance to its already contemporary style.

The Troy Trundle Bed is perfect for easily accommodating guests, as its trundle section can be effortlessly pulled out and put away when not in use.

This practical bed is particularly perfect for kids’ bedrooms, ensuring that your little ones always have extra space for sleepovers.

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