Cabin Beds For Kids Bedrooms


It’s a dream for a child to own cabin beds offering fun and storage to the bedroom offering advantages to the room. The nature of this bed allows for a quality sleeping surface, choose a memory foam mattress for your boys and girls. Presenting a place for them to store there toys, clothing and books. Cabin beds can effect the bedroom in almost every way. 

If you contemplating buying a cabin bed for the house, take the time to read some of our top tips. This content can ensure this purchase makes sense. As your already searching for cabin beds for the kids bedroom here’s some styles to consider. 


When buying cabin beds colours will make or break the buy, look for natural shades like white, grey and brown. There all modern and work well with bedroom furniture complimentary to other colours. 

Learn about colours that could present advantages when it comes to gender. Pink cabin beds would be the ideal solution for girls bedrooms. Additionally a navy blue bed would be fitting to a boys room also discover different colours when it comes to bedding and accessories, you could effect the bedrooms style in so many ways. 


It’s possible to buy cabin beds with storage drawers. Yes there’s also designs that offer desks and cabinets inside this would encourage order and present a learning atmosphere to the kids bedroom. Think about size and the way your kids are going to access the cabin bed will bedroom furniture effect this? 

It’s strongly advised to do your home work before buying the cabin bed. Consider if drawers are the best option would shelving be a better fir for the bedroom. Discover chairs for the desks getting the correct size seat and style is important. 


Choosing a suitable cabin bed size is essential for a practical working bedroom. The ceiling height and access to the sleeping surface should also be considered. 

An additional factor would be the width of the cabin. Think about single or small double size offerings these are the most commonly sold in the UK. The size of the mattress should match for a healthy sleeping surface. 


Before you begin your search for a cabin bed consider the safety aspects of the buy. Dealing with the best brands Better Bed Company understand this is most important. Firms like Julian Bowen, Bedmaster and Flintshire Furniture make sure all there cabin beds are quality checked. They understand all there cabin beds must have British Safety standards checks before offered to shoppers. 


Consider materials before buying any cabin bed for the home. Most cabin beds are wooden but there’s types that offer different advantages to the buy. Opt for an oak bed this would be strong and robust offering textures and tones with the grain finish. Keep well with in budget with a pine cabin bed this would present a cheap buy for the kids bedroom. Particleboard might be a good option with a strength and resilience perfect for this style of bed. 

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