What are the main things to consider when buying a children’s bed ?


Children’s beds are one of the most important buys your ever going to make that’s a dead cert. Look for colours like pink or blue this type of shade will bring the personality out in your girls or boys that’s for sure. There age is definitely something to consider the timing is everything if your lucky and buy quality it’s going to take them too there Teenage years. 

Think about the size of the bedroom you may be best buying bunk beds or high sleepers rather than your standard bed frame more is sometimes less. Whether your thinking heights or widths always think about about there friends a pull out drawer could work effectively in certain situations. 

Comfort has to be discussed whether it be pocket spring with memory foam children’s mattresses or the UK favourite naturally filled single add them to your list. Never compromise on the materials with wooden or metal the beds going to be easy to maintain just a thought !

Here’s some ideas on the Best children’s beds 

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Bunk Beds  

If you don’t know where to start a quality bunk bed could be the answer this is great for when your girls and boy’s have mates over. These types of buys need a low profile mattress on the top and check the safety aspects out before rushing this purchase through. Check out brands such as Julian Bowen and Artisan Bed Company for quality assurance and British Standard safety features. 

White Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

Mid Sleepers 

Make your kids bedroom more fun with extra space created by mid sleepers your half way there. Add some grey desks with draws and white wardrobes and cabinets underneath with the extra area gains. Team this up with blue rugs and a green sofa bed for when there chilling out. 

Julian Bowen Jupiter Mid Sleeper Bed White-Better Bed Company

Nursery And Toddlers Cots

From the start to the finish we have you covered with the nursery and toddlers cots your never going to go wrong. Think about wood as it brings textures and tones to the bedroom but is also hard wearing this is a must for any child’s buy. Add a waterproof mattress protector and a Hungarian white goose feather duvet keeping them snug and warm at the right time. 

Steens Lotta Cot-Better Bed Company

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