New Beds | Fabric Beds, Bunk Beds, Orthopaedic And Adjustable Bed Mattresses


New Beds are on the horizon. We are in talks at the moment to manufacture a new range. This range will include Beds, Mattresses, Bunk Beds, Bed frames and lots more. Better Bed Company want to supply happy customers all over England with a range of products that you can count on. We will be price conscious and standards will be high. We have 3 decades of experience in the bed industry so we as qualified as any one in the industry. We want to come up with classic and modern designs for you. Our aim is to give you the best possible beds and mattresses at the best possible price no questions asked. 

Fabric Beds

Ash Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

We want to add some style to our customers bed rooms and we want to do it with class. The prices will range starting at budget bed frames to high end bed frames. The first will be fabric beds we are working on these at the moment. We know that fabrics are a modern material and upholstered bed frames are the now and present. We will be adding some high tech features with USB leads and lights to brighten your bedrooms with a switch of a button. The colours will be neutral with a couple of bold fabric colours thrown in there too. We want to make sure that the prices are right and the quality high. The structure to the beds will be solid with the best inner frames out there. The slats we will be using range from sprung to solid so we have you covered on this as well. With a range of feet options available too. Headboards will vary as well we have designed these with great care to add different styles and moods to bedrooms all over the UK. 

Orthopaedic Mattresses 

Gym And Sports Orthopedic Mattress-Better Bed Company

Orthopaedic means that the spring system is specially designed to reduce stress on your back. This is an issue that people face on a day to day basis. We want to help in offering a unique range of mattresses that tackle this problem. These will come with pocket spring and open coil spring systems. We will be adding high quality materials such as memory foam and also natural fillings so we have covered every base possible. The fabric’s that we use to cover the mattresses will be hard wearing yet very soft to give you the comfort you need. We want to give you as much support as possible to keep your body structure perfect while you sleep. We have hand tufted and also flat surfaced mattresses to cater to everyone. 

Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Pocket Matt Adjustable Bed Mattress-Better Bed Company

With adjustable bed mattresses we have worked on making sure that there styled so that it’s suitable for all types of basis. We know that sometimes you might just want a change and we are here to help with this. We know it’s important for you to have a choice when looking at replacing mattresses and we have come up with various options for to choose from. The fillings will include a Hypo-Allergenic model this will help you repel against allergies. We thought this was important so that you can be as healthy as possible. We also included a latex mattress as this is high quality and again a healthy natural material. A full foam mattress would be an option for an adjustable bed. The foam will contour to your body and the bed at the same time. It’s Talalay latex this is a high quality type with a soft feel to add comfort. To make Talalay they fill the latex with air during the production process the more air added the softer the tension. The Latex model will be a medium tension because we add a base layer to this to give the mattress added support.

Bunk Beds

Cammy Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

With a fantastic range of Bunk Beds coming online in the next few days we wanted to make the perfect editions to enhance are already tremendous array of bunks. With stylish fabric bunk beds to 3 sleeper’s we have covered all bases. With Children’s furniture we are always safety conscious so all beds have a regulations certificate (British Safety Standard number BS EN 747:1993). 

We cater to girls and boy’s and have split the site up with guidance to our users in mind. We try and make life as easy as possible and make things as little complicated as much as we can. 

We are always working hard to get the next new products so we will have some new ones coming out soon as well so watch this space as we want to be first in everything we do.