Bunk Beds – Ultimate Buying Guide


Better Bed Company’s Ultimate Guide to Bunk Beds

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When your child is just a baby, bunk beds are the last thing on your mind. Before you know it however your crawling, babbling baby is walking, talking and inspired by the world around them. At this stage your child’s bedroom will likely be refurbished in to something that little bit more independent to them and their unique personality. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Bunk Beds below!

As you consider bedroom furniture, bunk beds are always on the agenda.


Why do parents and children love bunk beds so much?

Bunk beds and storage beds are perfect space savers and storage options in you children’s bedroom. They are also perfect for when your child has a friend coming to stay over or has siblings and room sharing is a must.

In 2019 your options for bunk beds are more exciting and varied than ever. If when you think bunk beds you think of unattractive frames or rickety metal structures, then think again. At the Better Bed Company we have devised our own range of selected bunk beds in our FL bunk beds range.

At the Better Bed Company we absolutely love bunk beds and here you can see our current and extensive bunk beds collection that includes beds from Julian Bowen and other respected bed manufacturers.

Types of Bunk Beds

The Double Bunk Bed

double bunk bed

The double bunk bed is the one you will think of when bunk beds are mentioned, it is the standard double bunk with two beds on top of each other. Double bunk beds are a fantastic solution if two children need to sleep in the same bedroom. They allow you to create more room for your children to play and many of our exclusive FL bunk beds come with excellent storage space for you to utilise and keep a tidier bedroom.

L Shaped and corner beds

l shaped bunk bed

If this is the first time that you’re looking for a bed for your children then you may be unfamiliar with the L shaped bunk bed. This style of bed is a modern twist (quite literally) on the classic double bunk.

The L shaped bunk allows more space to fit in other bits of children’s bedroom furniture or bookcases etc. as well as offering the children a different and more sociable positioning layout.

Trundle Bunk Beds

Trundle bunk beds allow a second mattress to be pulled out when necessary. With the extra bunk often placed underneath the main bed this type of bed is ideal for sleepovers.

Bunk Bed Mattress Options

single mattress for bunk bed

There are standard sizes for most bunk beds in the UK when it comes to mattress options. Some variations of bunk bed may require different sizes so always check before buying. A typical bunk bed will need a UK or European sized single mattress

Mattress Safety – Bunk Beds

The upper bed should have guard rails that are 16cm above the mattress

The mattress should fit the bed properly and not slide around, the thickness of the mattress should be no more than 17cm.

Our Unique FL Bunk Bed Collection

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Now that you know more about bunk beds and are ready to buy, we’d strongly suggest reviewing the Better Bed Company’s hand-picked range of bunks that we think are perfect for your children.

Below you can see our FL bunk beds collection. All of these beds are unique to the Better Bed Company and come with fast delivery and excellent customer support. We’ve been dealing with bunk bed sales for many years now and will offer a seamless delivery and buying process.

As well as our Ultimate Guide to Bunk Beds, browse our LP section and click here to view our full range of bunk beds.