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Better Bed Company consider the customer in everything we do and the way the site works is no different. We want to make life easy for everyone to give them the best possible journey. With Beds and Mattresses we know things can get quite confusing so we don’t want to add to this. Striving to make a difference every day  knowing that the end user will benefit from this. 

If your looking for any thing from Fabric Beds to Headboards we want to give you choices use our experience and guide you in the right direction. The delivery section time scales is something we know is a must for our customers and making them clear on this we thought was important so that’s just another part we have added for a better experience.

We wanted to start with the Divan Beds section well its the first choice on the home page bar ! 

divan Bed-Better Bed Company

Divan Beds Main Section On Better Bed Company 

You still get the opportunity to navigate around the site with ease. The Top Search Bar, phone number, email, Privacy Policy and useful pages ect… are all still easy to access. We thought this was important as if you wanted to access these pages then you can do this with a click of a button. 

The next part is a small write up about divan beds. This gives you some information about beds in general. We also included some brands we partner with as you could consider these before you make a purchase. 

With a section that lets you sort the products by Featured Products, Best Sellers, Alphabetically, Price and New and Old Items. We think we covered a lot of basis in this section. This could be a quick way of finding what you want. 

There’s also a grid and list view section. If you tap the List View then the site changes. This gives you the products in a more detailed view. The sections change and give you a small write up of the products. Tap the Grid View they show up in 4 sections across the page set out with filters this brings us on to the next part of the divan beds section. 

Divan Bed

The Filters Section On The Divan Beds From Better Bed Company

This is something we came up with recently and we we be adding to this part as we know customers like choices. We wanted to add as much information as possible to get you to the correct place as soon as possible. 

Category part – this is more of a place for the brands section this sets the divan beds out from other furniture they might have to offer like mattresses or bed frames. We wanted to add it to each collection as well, why not ?

Sizes – This section gives you the opportunity to select what size you wanted. If your looking for King Size Divan Bed we have you covered. If your looking for a Small Double Divan Bed we have your back you can kind of get were this is going…..

Price – Better Bed Company realise that price is a massive selling point and we are keen in getting the best possible prices for everyone. We wanted to add a section that lets you choose your beds at a certain price point. That’s were this part of the filter gives you a breakdown of products in certain price categories. You can choose from £100 – £199 to start with then work your way down the list till you get to the price you wanted to spend. 

Fabric Beds Colours – These days divan beds are upholstered in a range of fabric colours. we wanted to promote this so we give you the option to choose from a range of colours options including Grey, Beige and Chocolate.  

Divan Bed

Perfect For – This part is something we came up with as we know it’s important to get your purchase right. So we wanted to offer you a section that guides you to the correct beds depending on who your buying them for. So if its for children then select the box next to perfect for Children’s Beds Section and so on. 

Better Choice – With the experience we have gained over the years we are experts in the beds industry so we have chosen some beds we thought you might like and those we would recommend. This are split up into Pocket Spring Beds, Latex Beds, Memory Foam Beds and just Beds in general. 

Tension – Tension is an important part of a bed. If you get this wrong you might be in trouble just to make you aware, were always here to help ! We wanted make it easy to find the tension you were looking for so we added this to the filter. So you can choose from Medium or Firm tensions at the moment.

Brand – The brands section lets you choose all the beds that, that particular brand supplies. So if your looking for an Airsprung Beds Divan just tick the box next to the brand. 

Materials – These are what the beds consist of so we knew we wanted to get this into the filter some were. You can can select either a Natural Filling, Memory Foam or Latex Beds depending on your preference. 

Spring Count – This gives you the chance to see a selection of pocket spring beds with a certain amount of springs in each mattress. Remember that in the industry we work off how many pocket spring go into a king size mattress so if you choose a 1000 Pocket Spring Single Bed then it means there would be 1000 pocket springs in the King Size equivalent

Spring System – This breaks the spring system up into sections. You can select either a Pocket Spring or Bonnell / Open Coil. These are both popular spring systems to choose from. 

You might be interested in another section when we talked about the home page and the construction.

Better Bed Company And The Way We Work