Double Beds With Storage Ideas For The Bedroom


There’s a new trend and it’s all about extra space for all your accessories in the bedroom there called double beds with storage drawers style them up for a modern theme. Gone are the days of the white metal bedstead and creating a spare bedroom for all your clothing. This is now about making plans for the new revamped home adding an interiors designer theme is crucial. 

Traditionally we would see ottoman beds with lifting mechanisms, these would be suitable but not for everyone. By investing in a double bed with storage your gaining more space in other areas of the home. Adding colours and textures with oaks and upholstery finishes will allow you to make a stylish statement in the bedroom. 

2021 has seen more design come to the market which allows better choice for the customers in store and online which is great for the shopper. There’s been an introduction of dark and light colours including grey, stone and black shades all working well bringing neutral aspects to the buy. We’ve scoured our website for the best scroll down for more information. 

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Artisan Bed Company Grey Fabric Draw Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Artisan Bed Company Grey Fabric Draw Bed Frame

Grey Double Beds With Draws 

It’s time to add those modern grey double beds with draws to the home for a stylish theme. Comfortable and supportive add a double memory foam mattress for your back aches and pains. It’s no secret that grey colours would work with white wardrobes and matching sleek dressing tables for a contemporary feature. 

Julian Bowen Grey Draw Double Bed-Better Bed Company

Double White Wooden Draw Beds 

It’s time to offer that double white wooden bed frame to the home for a trendy vibe. Opt for storage draws and shelving add some book case and desk for the the office look. Team up with a double mattress and a memory foam topper for a comfortable out come. 

Bedmaster Wooden Double Bed With Draws-Better Bed Company

Small Double Bed With Storage

Nothings better than extra space a small double bed with storage would provide you with exactly that. You may not get the larger mattress but there’s plenty of scope for book cases and dressing tables making you and your bedroom beautiful. 

Bedmaster Newton Bed-Better Bed Company

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