Beds Furniture And Music For The Home


The Bedroom is sometimes a place were we listen to music. We want to relax or sometimes wake up with the sound of music while we sit up in our beds. We can use tunes to drift off or awaken us. Children have the latest tracks all set up for the snooze button placed closely on the bed side table. 

Bedroom Tunes 

These days we have are music system speakers built into our homes. The bedroom is an ideal place for this. It’s an important part of the fixtures and fittings of the modern life style. We even have bed frames with USB connections coming soon to Better Bed Company so we can charge our iphones and ipads. Using Youtube and Spotify while we wake up has become the norm. 


Way Of Learning For Children

The bedroom is an important place for children to learn and we can do this with music. The best children’s songs have a message as well as being fun. With Baby Shark being a massive hit with the kids. We would want to make there bedroom’s as fun as possible. We can do this by adding well thought out bedroom furniture and kids beds

Female And Child Learning Playing Learning The Piano


Music To Fall Asleep To 

You would be best to listen to music before you drift off to sleep. The peaceful sounds can slow your heart rate down and relax you ready for a deep sleep. It can have a positive effect on your whole life good sleep gives more energy during the day. Pick your best tracks and mix them up it’s something you should add to your routine for sure. 

It’s also a good idea to add music to your mornings as this can set you up for the day. A feel good track could make the difference and make you feel happy so that’s good for health no doubt.

Best Platforms We Can Use

With Beats by Dre being a massive product sold to Apple a few years back this could definitely make the bedroom must haves. The sound using the beats by dre headphones is second to none.

Male With Beats BY Dre Headphones-Better Bed Company

The iphone music player is another way we can listen to the latest tracks. With itunes having the best songs all at our finger tips.

Spotify is up there with the fastest growing media channels around you can make your own track list with ease and add to it when you find the need for a change.

Youtube is for sure a favourite as you can actually see the videos them selves it’s a great way to pass the time a chill on a Sunday morning. You tube are probably the front runners in giving you the best play list’s for sleep. 

You Tube Search Screen-Better Bed Company

Amazon have a play list built just for deep sleep. Look out for Amazon for reasons that they are pretty much the biggest company on planet earth and if it’s new they will be part of it. They also have the echo device you can listen to music on with the Alexa recognition and control. 

Amazon Echo Device-Better Bed Company

Top Ten Better Bed Company Tracks

1 – Ed Sheeran – Perfect

2 – Drake – Gods Plan

3 – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow

4 – Kanye West – Stronger

5 – Taylor Swift – Style

6 – One Direction – Perfect

7 – Adele – Someone Like You

8 – Robbie Williams – Angles

9 – Elton John – Your Song

10 – Katy Perry – Wide Awake 


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