Bedmaster Beds And Mattresses | Part 3


Bedmaster Mattresses are one of the leading companies in the UK and have been over the last few decades. Better Bed Company only deal with the best brands because we want to give our customer the best possible experience. When working together with a mattress brand we need companies we can trust and rely on in every instance. The work force at Bedmaster have decades of experience and we know when our staff work with there’s things are taken care of and we talk the same language. 

Bedmaster Mattress

When you look around the Bed industry today you want companies that offer new exiting products taking the game to next level. With Bedmaster mattresses they are at the forefront of new technology and there products are developed on a regular basis. 

Another factor we always look at before taking on a brand is do they make there products in the UK. If your looking for a British manufacturer straight from the heart of Dewsbury West Yorkshire then look no further. Most of there materials are sourced locally and they pride them selves on this helping local businesses and and the community at the same time. 

Bedmaster Bed

There workforce is the same all there staff are from the West Yorkshire area. They are well renowned for the craftsmanship and there slogan says it all 

”The Masters In Bed Making”

There’s so much to Bedmaster from there Mattresses and Beds to there guy’s in the office. There a company who we want to deal with in the years to come and improve the bed industry helping our customers finding the best beds and mattresses is Better Bed Company and Bedmaster Beds and Mattresses DUTY 

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