Bedmaster Beds And Mattresses | Part 1


Bedmaster Mattresses and Beds are a brand Better Bed Company partner up with to give our customers the best possible experience and products out there. When we look at brands we want to deal with we ask our selves a few questions and after thought and consideration we brought Bed master Mattress to our store late last year and have never looked back. There a company with great heritage and are well known in the industry. The feed back we have had from our customers is that Bedmaster are quality and the prices are very low. We only deal with certain manufacturers as we want to keep a tight grip on standards and promote brands with the same vision as us. 

Bedmaster Beds

with so much choice on offer from bedmaster they offer a range of beds that cater to every situation. So if your looking for open coil beds there collection has beds that match your requirement. If your looking for pocket spring beds then bedmaster are a company you should consider with out a doubt. The materials they use are hand picked with care and consideration. 

There beds come in a range of sizes and this is something we find difficult at times to find. Companies that offer a selection’s of sizes don’t come around often in the industry. This means great care and time has been taken in the manufacturing process. Bedmaster offer small single beds so if you have a small room then maybe they could be the brand for you. There small double beds could be an option if your looking for odd size beds then they have you covered. 

Bedmaster Mattresses 

Bedmaster mattresses are hand crafted by experienced tradesman with knowledge of the bed industry. There mattresses come with a 1 year Guarantee as standard that’s a testament to there products. With materials they have so much selection so if you wanted a Reflex Foam filling inside your mattress they have lot’s of choices available. There Aloe Vera mattress is one that stands out in the range. If you wanted a mattress with health benefits then this could be right up your street. 

The tensions inside there mattresses are usually of a Medium this is the most common in the UK. You know you will get good support and also the mattress isn’t going to be too firm. 

There spring systems in the mattresses range from a Bonnell System to a pocket spring. A bonnell would be best suited to a Teenager or Child. You could also use a bonnell in a Spare Room. There Pocket Spring Mattresses would be suitable for an adult giving a great deal of support. 

We look at a couple Bedmaster Mattresses

Bedmaster Gemma Mattress

Bedmaster Gemma Mattress-Better Bed Company

With an open coil spring system this mattress offers quality and support. With the bedmaster gemma mattress the fillings are of a polyester material giving you comfort while you sleep. The sides of the mattress have a rod edge to help when your looking to use the full width and also when maneuvering in and out of bed. The fabric used is deep quilted so your going to be comfortable on this mattress at all times. 

Better Bed Company would recommend this mattress for Children, Teenagers or spare bedrooms. This mattresses comes in a range of sizes so it caters to many needs and the price is good when your on a budget. 

Bedmaster Ambassador 3000 Mattress

Bedmaster Ambassador 3000 Mattress-Better Bed Company

This bedmaster mattress is one that delivers a unique sleeping surface. With high quality materials used and one of the highest sprig counts in the industry. This mattress will give you comfort and support at the same time, this is guaranteed with this mattress. 

The 3000 pocket spring model will contour to your body and benefit not just you but your partner. The individual nested springs work alone so when you move your partner won’t and vise versa. 

The fillings include Mohair, Horse Hair, Lambswool, Cashmere and Silk these are all luxurious materials. They add a whole range of gains when added to mattresses. Just one advantage is using lambswool would give you a heat regulated mattress keeping you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. 

The bedmaster Ambassador 3000 is side stitched stopping the mattress from corroding at the edges is just one of the many benefits this brings when added to a mattress. 

Better Bed Company will be doing another blog in our series on Bedmaster Beds and Mattresses in the near future so head back soon !