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Advantages To An Ottoman Bed Frame


Your furniture is the most important part to styling the bedroom. When looking for advantages to an Ottoman Bed Frame you can consider storage, comfort and style for starters. Of all ottoman beds types a grey fabric upholstery with a slatted bed base could be a perfect suiter. Maintaining this type of bed is effortless just use cold clean water and dust down on a regular basis. 

Ottoman Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Advantages To An Ottoman Bed Frame

Being a storage solution an ottoman bed frame would bring order to not just the bedroom but the whole house. Choose correctly with a fabric base or a wooden base foundation your products will be kept clean and dust free ready for use. Better Bed Company have an ottoman bed frame in every design. 

Wooden Ottoman Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Is an ottoman bed sturdy?

An ottoman bed is sturdy if you build it correctly. Make sure to read the instruction manual and take it step by step. Use bolts and washers this is really important this will keep the ottoman bed sturdy for years to come. 

Can any mattress be used on an ottoman bed?

Mattresses are a key part to an ottoman bed it’s a must you buy a comfortable one. You can buy any mattress for an ottoman bed from Better Bed Company but for best practice check with the supplier before completing on any sale. Choose a pocket spring mattress or a memory foam mattress these would be quality partners. 

Note that the ottoman bed base will effect the mattresses tension. For a firmer mattress opt for a solid top for a more medium tension a sprung base might be the the best option. 

Mattress-Better Bed Company

How do I choose an ottoman bed?

There’s loads of ways you can choose an ottoman bed like on price points, size and colour consider them all for best practice. Opt for an ottoman bed that’s with in budget you may be able to find a good one in a holiday sale like Black Friday. The size of the ottoman bed would play a key role consider the size of your bedroom before the buy. Consider the colour of furnishings in the bedroom a grey ottoman bed might work well with white flooring and wall paper for a modern themed bedroom. 

Is side or end ottoman better?

There’s advantages to both side and end lift ottoman beds. Do you have a tight space to work with in the bedroom? A side lift ottoman bed frame could be a more practical purchase this would be good for access if the length of the bedroom is short. If you have bedside tables or furniture around every side of the ottoman bed frame then an end lift ottoman bed might be the best buy for you. 

Side Lift Ottoman Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

There’s loads of Advantages To An Ottoman Bed Frame order the correct one for your home. Better Bed Company deal with plenty of brands for trust when it comes to this type of purchase. 

Competitively priced with numerous designs to choose from, order Ottoman Bed Frame today by calling 0800 0467 616.

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