Beds Ultimate Buying Guide


Bed Ultimate Buying Guide


Are you struggling to find the right bed? At Better Bed Company, we have a Bed Ultimate Buying Guide that will showcase our wide-ranging collection of beds

Our partnerships with trusted brands like Julian Bowen, Bedmaster and many more ensure you get the best bed on the market for your home.

Check out Better Bed Company Bed Ultimate Buying Guide below to choose your next mattress today!

Bed Ultimate Buying Guide

Bed Frames

Our extensive collection of Bed Frames will give your bedroom a modern and traditional look and feel.

Better Bed Company’s bed frames come with solid slats and springs that ensure your bed’s longevity.

We offer shaker-style beds and low-foot-end styles that cater to everyone’s needs.

Ottoman Beds

An Ottoman Bed is a fantastic space-saving solution for a bedroom!

You can easily store all your bedding, duvets, and other storage boxes under your Ottoman Bed, leaving you with much more free space to plan your ideal bedroom layout.

Divan Beds

A divan bed is a bed that has a raised headboard and footboard. It is upholstered in fabric and has storage space inside the headboard or footboard.

Divan bed frames need to be paired up with a reliable divan mattress. That’s why these Divan Beds come in various materials in the Mattresses, such as Memory Foam and Latex.

We also offer fabric bases with headboards giving your bedroom that style you deserve.

TV Beds

Let’s face it; there’s nothing better than getting snug for your favourite series or settling down for the next big blockbuster in bed!

For most, your first thought would be to grab your laptop, tablet or phone. How about your TV is already in your bed?

At Better Bed Company, we specialise in a wide range of TV Beds for any budget or style preference.

By combining home entertainment and sleep into one, our customers can have the dream piece of furniture in their bedrooms!

Guest Beds

A Guest Bed from Better Bed Company is the perfect solution for nights you never want to end.

Its longevity is one of the main reasons they have remained a popular purchase for homeowners looking to complete their family home.

Within the Guest Bed collection at Better Bed Company, you’ll also find storage Guest Beds. They allow you to cater to guests and any overnight bags/belongings they may bring!

Sofa Beds

Perfect for the unexpected guest arrival or the kids’ next sleepover party, a Sofa Bed allows you to change your exquisite piece of furniture at the drop of a hat into a comfortable sleep solution.

Sofa Beds from Better Bed Company are a fantastic addition to any home, whether you’re looking for a traditional, sturdy style or an ultra-sleek modern version.

Your sleep comfort isn’t just put to one side because of a Sofa Bed’s multi-purpose attributes. Top-quality pocket spring mattresses come standard to give foam cushioning a firmer feeling.

Bed Bases

Bed Bases are very important for any UK customer looking to buy the perfect bed.

They provide the foundation and stability for your mattress, granting you a steady night’s sleep.

The correct bed base will lead to a range of health benefits, including mental health and well-being for you and your family.

You will be glad to know that Better Bed Company only supply the best bed bases from around the UK.


Better Bed Company offer the following colours for their next bed: Grey, White, Brown, Beige, Pink, Black, Blue, Cream & Green


No matter what type of bed you’re searching to suit your bedroom, whether that be Oak, Fabric, Pine or anything else, we have you covered!

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