Uni Bed Frames What’s Best For Your Style


Heading to Uni this month ? get the best comfort and style with a new bed frame that could work well in your small area. Show off your bedroom to your friends and be sleek and stylish with your colours. High quality fabric beds are easy to come by on our online store and getting the storage space sorted is a second advantage. 

Make sure you don’t forget about your bedroom furniture either this could be a game changer. Stashing your books under your ottoman in your wardrobes and chest of draws could be the answer to your storage needs. 

Best Beds For University  

It’s coming up to those winter months so your fabric bed frame needs to be cozy and warm. With a selection of accessories this can happen with ease add that comfy pillow set and high tog duvet to keep you warm. Your home comfort shouldn’t be forgotten maybe think about a new velvet sofa bed for guests. 

Fabric Bed

Pink Beds 

Pink beds could be an option for the girls. Show your intent for the rest of the decor theme and how you want to carry your self for the rest of the term. Fashionable and stylish making a statement make sure your headboards set the tone make it big and large with buttons. Comfort should be number 2 on list adding a double memory foam mattress could be a start. The soft furnishings could help you feel more at home add  some scatter pillows and blanket boxes. 

Pink Bed

Single Ottoman Beds 

Space is a must for Uni days. You may struggle with a small room why not make the most of things. Adding a single ottoman bed could save that extra place for a new desk or bed side table. Hit the library or search online while your chilling with your extra decor you managed to fit in. Open the top it’s perfect for all your clothes and accessories. 

Single Ottoman Beds

Modern Grey Fabric Beds 

When choosing your furniture for Uni, grey fabric beds should be a the top of your list. When creating your design your theme should be modern in keeping with the rest of students. Your colour scheme will keep you fresh and cool chill out with the other kids drinking your coffee and eating take outs knowing your trendy. 

Grey fabric beds

King size mattresses 

Getting the right comfort should be high priority, there’s no better option than a king size mattress for this purpose. Stretch out and get the best nights sleep you could push for a roll up with memory foam. Look for pocket spring mattresses that are going to support you opt for a rug to keep you snug. We would recommend going for a thick depth that’s going to last. Think about your bed side tables to match the height of your sleeping surface this is giving you easy access when you most need your books and glasses. 

King Size Mattress

These are just a few tips that you can take to University. Remember to keep things simple and save your pocket you can always add more as you go. Check out Better Bed Company every day for more ideas.