Time Living Small Double Metal Bed Frames For A Modern Look To Your Bedroom


Time Living Small Double Metal Bed Frame 

When looking around the UK Bed Frame Market it’s difficult to find a Brand with as much style as Time Living. This comes as no surprise to Better Bed Company with Lee the Managing Director dealing with them for over a decade. With so much choice on offer from the Nottingham bed frame manufacturer you are spoilt in more ways than one. They don’t just deal in Metal they also have a range of contemporary fabric bed frames and a few mattresses with great reviews. 

Time Living Rose Small Double Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

As we mentioned the selection that Time Living have in there collection is unrivalled. The colour batch has an array of shades that would be suitable for a whole host of Bedroom designs. The bed frames are suitable for a range of different scenarios as well so if your tastes are rich or budget they can accommodate to either. 

A Small Double Bed Frame can be difficult to source with only a few companies offering a non standard size in 2019. Time Living realise the consumers come first and giving them options could be the difference from a thriving company to declining one. So there whole collection is made up of a range of sizes including small double bed frames

 Alderley Ivory Small Double Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Time Living Ivory Bed Frames is a product we wanted to discuss. The choice is there for all to see with the Alderley being a firm favourite with UK customers. The headboard and foot end matching in a simple design they take the route ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it’ attitude with this modern styles bed frame. Your also getting comfort guaranteed as with all time living bed frames coming with sprung slatted base is a standard. And yes it’s available in a small double bed frame size.

Better Bed Company only deal with the best brands you should take a look at a blog we did on Julian Bowen Bed Frames earlier on in the month.

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