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Bed Frames What’s The Best Size?


There’s loads of things to consider when buying new furniture for the home. Maybe your purchasing for a master or guest bedroom. Purchase the right size bed frame for the given space. There’s certain things you can do to make sure your blessed with a spacious living area. Transform your bedroom with the right dimensions and look. 

Better Bed Company have come up with some tips to help you choose correctly. 


The most sold size on the UK market today. Choosing a double means there’s enough room for 2 sleepers offer a 4ft6 mattress for best practice. Replacing another sized bed frame means you may have extra space for more furniture. Consider colours like grey, white and black for neutral advantages in the room. 

Small Double 4ft 

If your struggling for space choose a small double frame for an excellent solution in a petite room. You want your bedroom to be where you can relax and refresh. De-Clutter the room with storage drawers perfect for bedding accessories. Opt for a 4ft headboard to partner don’t over complicate work with neutral colours for modern schemes in the space. 


Consider strong materials for the bedroom. For a warmth effect choose oak or pine wooden frames these offer grains to compliment other furniture. A shaker style design would allow light to flow through out the room for less claustrophobic scheme.

Opt for fabric upholstery with a dark colour this might work well in a large bedroom. Paper the walls in white to compliment so the bed acts a statement piece in the room. 

Offer wooden drawers underneath the bed frame this will provide more space in the wardrobes and chest of drawers for accessories. 


You can change the entire look of a bedroom with a cheap bed frame. Buying a small double 4ft is the same price as a standard but your getting extra width on the size. 

A super king size bed frame will cost the most and don’t forget about the price of the mattress this add extra money to the sale. Consider budget bedroom furniture or save money on a next day roll up to partner the bed frame. 

Next Day Delivery 

Source your bed frame online and buy with a next day delivery if the frame comes flat packed this is sometimes the cheaper option. This will also effect the size when taking to the bedroom of choice this is best price for tight spaces like loft rooms or awkward to get to bedrooms. 

The size of any bed frame is important for lot’s of different reasons. Always consider this before going to the shops or online and buying a bed frame. Make sure to check the returns policy sometimes people make mistakes and some brands offer trail beds this might be best practice for the buy. Always measure the room and consider other products before entering in to a contract with a retailer. 

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