Bed Bases For Your Mattress


The bed base is an important part of any sleeping surface offering support for your mattress and style to work in with your bedroom furniture are a couple of things to consider. Does it matter which one you buy? 

There’s certain characteristics to look out for when buying a new bed base for your mattress. For instance a fabric bed frame might match your headboard this would be perfect for modern effects in the bedroom. The size of the base should always match the the mattress this is best practice and will provide a secure surface for the sleepers. 

Choose the correct bed base for your home. 

Metal bed base 

This style of bed base would present a strong reliable structure for your mattress offering a quality foundation. Choose a metal bed base that has slats this will also benefit the mattresses fillings with ventilation advantages. 

It shouldn’t be hard to find a bed base with plenty on offer on websites, Facebook and Instagram shops. Choose a sale time to buy with this your buying a cheap bed consider Black Friday or Cyber Monday this would mean you getting value for money. 

The size of the bed base

Getting this correct would make or break the sleeping surface. Set the bedroom out first can you access bedroom furniture like chest of drawers and bed side tables? Consider storage drawers these can make more room in the bedroom providing storage space in a place you wouldn’t normally get it. 

Always think about the height of the headboard if you have shelving above your bed will this scenario still work? Remember about castors and glides this is going to effect the height of the bed base. 

The size of a double bed base would 135cm x 190cm for a king size bed base a 150cm x 200cm is the standard measurement. A single bed base is 90cm x 190cm and a super king size bed base is 180cm x 200cm when thinking about heights this will be different depending on the design. 

Fabric divan bed bases 

Consider different types of fabrics when searching for a divan bed base. Think about cost with a linen or faux leather material your base is going to cost less and become cheaper. For a more luxury alternative there’s velvet or chenille upholstery bed bases. save money on a roll up mattress with a free next day delivery the price drops massively. 

Colours play a part in what bed base is best for bedroom. Choose a white fabric base if the rooms small for a spacious effect. If your searching for a contemporary theme a modern grey bed base might work well or a black fabric both add sophisticated vibes to the house.

Platforms of the bed base 

Choosing the correct base for the bed is really important this will effect the mattresses tension. Buying a solid top base will provide a more firm mattress with a sprung your going to receive a medium tension for the sleeping surface. 

There’s also pocket spring bases these are thought of as luxury buys in the bed industry. The more pocket springs inside the bed base the more support and the better quality well by rule of thumb. 

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