New Bedmaster Memory Foam Mattress And Your Bed Base


With Bedmaster being specialists in bed making they understand that getting the consumer the correct base that will be suited to the mattress is paramount. The bed base for a memory foam mattress is no different to any other. The correct bed base could bring benefits in a number of ways to the users health and to the life span of the memory foam mattress. There are guide lines you should stick too and we will discuss them in this Blog. 

The Right Bed Base For Your Memory Foam Mattress 

Tension plays a big part in buying the right bed base that will be suited to the particular model. With a memory foam mattress the most common tension is medium. If you went out and purchased this type of mattress and added it to a sprung bed base then you would be making the tension softer. Bedmaster would always recommend a solid top bed base as this would act as the perfect foundation where tensions  are concerned. 

If your bed base was slatted then this could bring advantages as it would allow the memory foam material to breath. Air flow to give adequate moister control to this material could be worth exploring.

Bedmaster Memory Flex Divan Bed-Better Bed Company  

Your bed base should be structurally sound as this could effect your guarantee if ever called upon. When a mattress is faulty then a manufacturers first question is about the base. If your base is faulty then this is a get out of jail card free for companies. They will suggest that the fault in the memory foam mattress is caused by the standard of the base. This is something Better Bed Company thought you should be aware of. 

Cost Of Your Bed Base

You should be looking a paying at the very least £150 for a reasonable bed base. This could rise depending on the standard and how many draws for storage you would need. The better the base the longer your Bedmaster memory foam mattress will last or it’s a step in the right direction. You could save money on your delivery as well if you bought the bed base along with the mattress from Bedmaster. This cost would be around £40. 

Styles Of Bed Bases To Go With Your New Bedmaster Memory Foam Mattress 

Bedmaster Duck-Egg Divan Base

In 2019 style has never been more important to the consumers. The bed base can add another dimension to your bedroom decore. Coming in various colours and fabric options Bedmaster bed bases give you options. If the Duck-egg shade is appropriate Better Bed Company would recommend this particular fabric. This could add contemporary and stylish feel to your bedroom.