Apple Take The Streaming Service By Storm With Apple+ Coming This Autumn


Apple have gone in and rivalled Netflix and Amazon Prime with a new streaming service. 

The Apple+ hasn’t yet got a price and they didn’t say anything about how they were going to drop it. Will it be an all at once TV Series pack ? they didn’t say maybe keeping us guessing might be part of there marketing tactics. 

You can take advantage when your in your Beds this Autumn. This has to be a good thing for the whole world. If it improves your life style then it’s OK by us !

The celebrities are present with Oprah and Steven Spielberg being there at the unveiling.

The rumour mill has been spreading over the last few months at a project taking place. The outcome is probably going to take the game to next level. The celebrities are sold on the idea. The next is the public and i guess we can’t wait. 

The Apple+ will be dedicated to Films and TV Series with Ad free content, no reruns, and original shows. That’s the kind of service we want hey, just new off the shelf movies and shows. 

Apple will not be able to go down the root of volume but they will be looking at quality. Netflix has that under raps with so much content to choose from. It’s probably the best scenario for everybody though we don’t want what we got !

We have 4K viewing at the moment i am hoping we might see the first 8K programes could this be the next step. Even better viewing for the end user. 

Take a look at some of the previews we have to offer. Better Bed Company will be tuning in this Autumn with everyone else. Its sure to be an adventure you want to be on with us. 

Tim Cook ” Unlike anything that’s been done Before”