7 Must Have’s From The Artisan Bed Company


Spring is in the Air it’s time to start thinking about the new bedroom, you’ve seen your friends doing extensions on there home and redeveloping there gardens it’s now your turn for a revamp of the house. Say good bye to those old divan bases and choose a new fabric bed with drawers from Artisan they won’t disappoint and create a style vibe with storage. Opting for a new memory foam mattress makes sense at this stage as well you have no worries with the guarantee and add new duvets for your bedding to make the whole space modern for an inviting scene. 

We get it sometimes your looking for a traditional theme. There wooden beds bring textures and colours to the house just what you need after spending the last few years in lock down fed up with the world and your surroundings. We’ve got 7 must have beds from the Artisan Bed Company that could pair up with your bedroom furniture and put that smile back on your face. What you waiting for? it’s time to get your online baskets at the ready, we have grey, pink and blue upholstery bedsteads at your fingertips. There products will make your apartments and flats stylish 

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Bed Frames With Drawers 

A bed with drawers is going to bring all your storage needs to an end, there also super cool and sophisticated, with a new memory foam mattress it’s like sleeping on the clouds. Last spring/summer you were spending your time locked inside now you have guests staying over this could be the best buy for spare bedrooms or masters. Check out these models from Artisan. 

Artisan Bed Company Grey Fabric Draw Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

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Opt for grey beds for a contemporary bedroom tis is this years style must have. With upholstery and buttons your giving the room an inviting theme and it never get out dated. Team with blue bedroom furniture and light painted walls with pictures and curtains for a healthy lifestyle. 

Artisan Bed Company Button Draw Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

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Discover pink beds with drawers there essential this spring. We’ve got some trending pocket spring mattresses to partner or team with some grey chest of drawers for even more style in the bedroom. There’s always room for new rugs and lamps to bring an effect to the room. 

Wooden Bed Frames

Want textures and tones in the bedroom? It’s time to add an Artisan Bed Company wooden bed frame to the master. With structurally stable builds and shaker styled headboard this buys for the long term and stylish statements. 

Artisan Bed Company Milan Wooden Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

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A wooden bed will always bring character and charm to the bedroom, and with a high foot end this Artisan is going to be a focal point in any room. Choose between white and oak depending on your bedroom furniture set up. Add an open coil mattress with natural fillings for a sleeping surface you deserve. 

Artisan Bed Company White Wooden Bed-Better Bed Company

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Two tone style? don’t shy away from mixing colours in the bedroom this brings neutral vibes to the space. Team with White bedside tables and dressing tables for fashion statements. Don’t forget about the bedding sheets this is going to make or break the bedroom as a whole. 

Artisan Bed Company Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are all about creating more space but don’t forget there also about fashion and style in the kids bedroom. Get the right brand and material and your in for the long term get this wrong and your back to square 1. 

Artisan Bed Company New Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

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We don’t wanna here anything else than beech bunk beds are the best for kids bedroom. Add low profile mattresses with water-proof protectors for safety and  hygiene qualities. This bunk is also ideal for the long term disassemble in to 2 single 3fts when the children come of age. 

Artisan Bed Company Three Sleeper Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

Shop – Artisan Bed Company Three Sleeper Bunk Bed

Modern white bunks are a fav of ours and with 3 sleepers there’s nothing better for saving space in the house. Create a bedroom that’s friendly and ordered well with drawers and a double sleeping surface. Team with fresh new bedding and sofa beds for when friends stay the night.  

Wooden Guest Bed 

Create a spare bedroom that’s wow. Add a wooden guest bed and watch your social circles increase, soon your gonna be invited to everyone else’s home. Opt for white in smaller rooms or go oak for the rustic look both are seen as modern features. 

Artisan Bed Company Wooden Guest Bed-Better Bed Company

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With so many brands to choose from on Better Bed Company your for sure spoilt for choice. We deal with only the best with trusted firms and leaders in the furnishings sector. Choose The Artisan Bed Company this spring if your bedrooms in need of style.