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Aspire Furniture

Aspire Ottoman Beds: Our Top Picks!

Welcome to Better Bed Company’s blog on the best Aspire Ottoman Beds available today. Perfect for homeowners looking to add a blend of style and functionality to their bedrooms. These beds are designed to offer comfort without compromising on looks. Let’s explore our top picks from Aspire Furniture and see why they should be your…

Garden Furniture

Host the Perfect Summer Party with Maze Garden Furniture

Summer is the season of warmth, fun, and outdoor gatherings. It’s the perfect time to host memorable parties that your friends and family will talk about for years to come. However, throwing a summer party that stands out requires creativity, thoughtful planning, and the right outdoor furniture to set the scene. This is where Maze…


How to Celebrate Sleepover Day with Better Bed Company

Sleepovers are more than staying up late and watching movies; they are a rite of passage and an opportunity to strengthen bonds with friends and family. They provide a relaxed environment where guests can unwind and truly be themselves. If you’re aiming to host the ultimate Sleepover Day celebration, you’ve come to the right place!…

King Size Ottoman Beds

Elevate Your Sleep Experience with a King Size Ottoman Bed

In the world of luxurious sleep solutions and innovative bedroom furniture, the king size ottoman bed stands as a pinnacle of comfort, style, and practicality. Designed for homeowners, interior design enthusiasts, and luxury bedroom shoppers, these beds are an excellent choice for anyone looking to combine the elegance of modern design with the utility of…


How to Choose the Best Mattress for Summer

In the summertime, when the weather is hot, the right kind of mattress can make all the difference. Not only for a good night’s sleep but also for your level of comfort overall. This blog will explore the details of summer mattresses and provide an insightful glimpse into the best options available to ensure peaceful…


Design Your Dream Garden with the Maze Como Pergola

Designing your dream garden doesn’t have to stay a dream, thanks to our Maze Como Pergola! With our Maze Como Pergola, you can create the perfect outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing or simply enjoying nature. Gardens are not just about plants. They are about extending your living space into the outdoors while still in the…

Garden Furniture

Celebrate Easter Weekend with Maze Garden Furniture

Easter isn’t just a time for indoor festivities; it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate with loved ones in the great outdoors. With spring gradually bringing in the warmer weather, it’s time to take your Easter celebrations to the garden! But what’s an Easter gathering without a setting that’s as warm and welcoming as your celebration…

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